The Enquiry Agency Careers Club, is a youth-led career club which aims to bring together youths, employers, and businessmen/women, with similar areas of career interest and professional backgrounds. Join us!

The Enquiry Agency Careers Club run a number of events throughout the year which give opportunities to:

  1. Meet other students/graduates with similar interests

  2. Learn from and network with professionals

  3. Build links with relevant employers in the sector

  4. Learn more about roles available and the skills needed in the industry and many more.

  5. Educational trips

  6. Learn About Ghana And Africa

  7. Interactive Sessions

Our careers guidance/interaction sessions, will provide you with a better understanding of the job market, culture, business in Ghana and help you better identify your opportunities and establish useful connections.

Club membership Fee And Duration:

Club membership fee is at a non-refundable fee of 200 cedis, for a 3 month period.

Once your payment has been accepted, individual club committees will get in touch with you directly about your membership.

After filling out form, you are to email an essay, highlighting your career field of interest, your course of study, opportunities available in Africa/Ghana, for graduates of your course of study, and how you intend securing employment, self employment avenues, or entrepreneurship.

Enquiry Agency Careers Clubs are structured for participation within a 3 month period.

As an alumni, you may be updated on other self development avenues, and opportunities of Enquiry Agency.

The Enquiry Agency Careers club may also be structured to suit specific career fields of interest.

Other club activities/events/trips are held for members and alumni too.

Meeting days: Sessions are held twice a month only.

Sessions may be virtual or in person, as such, you can participate no matter which region you may be in.

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