Volunteer With Charity Organisations/Non-Profits (NGO)

Via Enquiry Agency, you can apply to volunteer with Non- Profits in Ghana, at anytime of the month or year! Quite a number non-profits may offer an allowance , however others may not . Certain non-profits may also provide local meals and accommodation for volunteers.

Enquiry Agency cannot emphasize enough on the rich work experience and humanitarian skill, an individual can gain whilst volunteering, and as such all volunteers are awarded certificates and reference letters upon successful completion of a volunteer program!

There are volunteer placements specially curated for families, graduates, professionals, individuals and students as well, in areas of health, education, children, human rights, children and education, youth, women empowerment, and sports !

To apply for a volunteer placement simply fill out form at a fee of 10cedis only.

There are volunteer placement fees associated with certain volunteer placements. This enables Enquiry Agency to cover for orientation, and logistics associated with volunteer placements. To apply fill out this form at a 10cedi cost, which is the first step of application process.

Volunteer Placement Form

Volunteer in Firms/Companies

Career Related Volunteer Placements

Students, graduates, or the youth for that matter are provided an opportunity to volunteer with professionals or firms, in line with their career of interest. Enquiry Agency volunteer programs serve as an opportunity to teach the youth the importance of networking and volunteering! Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of volunteer program.Volunteers are offered a platform to network with professionals during volunteer programs. Volunteer placements are available all year through!

Placement Form


Enquiry Agency volunteer placements are gradually expanding into other beautiful African countries! Volunteer in Liberia, Uganda, Malawi, Ivory Coast, and Togo!

Explore! Wake up to a beautiful and challenging environment; dare to achieve! Many Ghanaians, know little about other African countries, and may be forced to believe that there isnt anything we can do to help, as such E.A inter-Africa volunteer placements, provide challenging and involving projects to help volunteers learn a skill, stretch their abilities to the uttermost, promoting independence, and cultivating a mindset in Africans, that we can overcome our challenges.

Our Inter-Africa placement, have projects and charity organizations, in the areas of health, youth development and empowerment, gender, and children. The E.A inter-Africa volunteer placements are within the months March, April, May and July, August, September. Volunteers should be 18 years and above, and a Ghanaian citizen or legal Ghanaian resident. To apply please fill out a form at 20usd only, e-mail a personal statement to Enquiry Agency within a period of 10 days. Details of projects, placement fee, and orientation dates will be communicated via e-mail.

Application process should be completed 3 months ahead of volunteer period. To Apply Email a Personal Statement to INFO@ENQUIRYAGENCY.NET Placement fees are within 600usd -1000usd and may vary based on country, travel fare. E.T.C