Ready for an exciting volunteer experience and stay in Ghana?

All volunteer placement fees include accommodation, orientation and airport pick-up/departure(transporting volunteer to airport) , as well as an exciting trip after orientation!

Apply to volunteer a month or two ahead of arrival date.

2)Little Library:

A 3 month volunteer program in a Library in Accra.

Yes, volunteer with us in our community library, within the heart of Accra, the capital of Ghana. If you love to explore the everyday city life of the Ghanaian, whilst volunteering then this is for you.

You will be engaged in painting, art and crafts, reading, assisting kids who visit our library often, and sometimes adults too.

You may be engaged in domestic chores such as sweeping, and cleaning up the library too.

Have you ever used the African Broom? I guess not, but this is an exciting way to try.

You can also start up a book donation drive whilst volunteering on this program.

  1. Duration: 3 months

  2. Package: Accommodation and local meals are provided.

  3. Placement fees: 1200usd

3)Eco Volunteer:

Volunteer in one of the biggest eco parks in Ghana. Discover plant species, which may have been extinct if not preserved at this park, and interact with both local and international tourists.

This volunteer program is for lovers of eco tourism, the environment and adventure.

You will have fun on our canopy walks, zip lines, and if you can ride a horse, good for you!

This park, is also home for creatures who may otherwise have been extinct.

The Eastern region of Ghana is known for its forests, and chilly climate in Ghana. Volunteers on this program, are free to also come up with exciting strategies create awareness about this beautiful site.

Volunteers may be engaged in several tasks, both administrative, and hands on activities such as clean ups, tour guides, etc.

  1. Duration: 1 - 3 months

  2. Package: Accommodation and basic groceries are provided.

  3. Placement fees: 600 - 1200usd

4)Volunteer For Art:

Although an art Library, it does not just end there. This is a knowledge centre around which documentation, art talks, critique clinic, lectures, publications and presentations revolve.

If you are a lover of art, this volunteer placement will offer you an opportunity to engage in meaningful art conversations and dialogues, interact with artists in Africa, and expand your network.

Volunteering with us will offer you an opportunity to interact with art students and graduates in Ghana as well, visit exhibitions, and in some cases you may travel outside the capital. You may be involved in event organization and management as well.

Get ready to explore!

  1. Duration: 1 - 3 months

  2. Placement fees: 600 - 2000usd

5)Youth Empowerment And Fun Clubs:

This volunteer program, offers a unique opportunity for volunteers, to come up with club/program ideas in communities. Volunteers will be tasked with projects, in which they are to come up with creative ideas, to engage youths within the various communities, and schools in club activities (extra curriculum activities) that will offer careers guidance, self development or teach a skill.

There is a club manual to assist volunteers.

  1. Duration: 1 - 3 months

  2. Placement fees: 600 - 2000usd

6)Health Cop:

Health Cop is a 3 month volunteer program, that offers an opportunity to volunteer to assist autistic kids.

Volunteering on this unique program could be in Accra the capital or town on the outskirt.

Volunteers should be prepared for a rewarding but challenging experience whilst volunteering on this unique program.

  1. Duration: 1 - 3 months

  2. Placement fees: 800 - 1200usd

7)Volunteer Tutor:

volunteer to teach kids and adolescents. The exciting thing about this volunteer program is the fact that, volunteers can opt to teach twice a week only. However, you should be great at the subject you intend on tutoring, as we are aimed at equipping both struggling students and the class as a whole. There are textbooks, and a curriculum to assist you. Volunteers may tutor kids in kindergarten, or junior high school. Volunteers can also opt to start up fun clubs for students too.

  1. Duration: 1 - 3 months

  2. Placement fees: 500 - 960usd

To apply for any of the above volunteer placements, fill out form here at 20usd



At Enquiry Agency our career-related volunteer placements are almost the same as internships but better!

Why ? You are offered one day off in a week, and guaranteed a placement directly related to your career-field of interest regardless of grades, or GPA (Grade Point Average).

Volunteers are oriented before the start of volunteer program/internship.

Our Career-related volunteer placements/ internships are applicable to both students and graduates in career fields of Business, Hospitality/Tourism, Law, Health, Building Technology, Fashion, Politics and Journalism , Civil and Mechanical engineering, Architecture, and Food Processing.

A 3 month volunteer program, to expose volunteer to a different, working environment, and culture, thus increasing your employability in Africa.

What if my career-field of interest was not mentioned?

Simply reach out to Enquiry Agency via email, or phone and we are sure to get you a placement/internship.

What to expect as a volunteer/intern:

You will be volunteering in/with companies within your respective career fields.

Report to work like an employee.

Administrative tasks will be assigned to volunteer/intern by company.

Volunteers/Interns will be assessed by organization/company where you volunteer.

Punctuality, work ethics, and attitude towards work be assessed too.

To apply for any of our amazing career-related volunteer placements/programs, fill out form here:

What Is A Volunteer Placement Fee And Why?

A volunteer placement fee is an upfront cost volunteers pay to organizations, to cover volunteer program/placement costs. The reality of volunteering is that while you might think that " you may be working for free ", sometimes, there are costs that are associated with being a volunteer, such as orientation and administrative costs associated with volunteer placements.

Some of these fees may be subsidized, where as others aren't. Volunteer placement fees enable us cater for such costs.

Enquiry Agency is not supported by any government funding, and runs entirely from the volunteer placement fees that volunteers pay to take part in the volunteer placement/programs.

The money paid by volunteers cater for costs such as :orientation costs and lodging, airport pick-up, meals, sometimes accommodation etc.

An amount from that cost also caters for project development and expansion costs, as wells as administrative costs such as:

Communication with volunteers/partners bills : phone, emails, text, both online and offline mediums of communication.

Allowances for Enquiry Agency volunteers- Enquiry Agency is run solely by a team of dedicated volunteers.

  1. . Domestic travel costs by team members to ensure smooth preparation and continuation o volunteer programs.

  2. . Website maintenance

  3. . Volunteer recruitment

  4. . Advertisement : Both online and offline

  5. . Maintaining workspace and other expenses

To apply for any of the above volunteer placements, fill out form here at 20usd