The Jigsaw Gap Year is a 1-3 month career development and volunteer program curated by Enquiry Agency for Senior High School leavers in Ghana.

The Jigsaw Gap Year offers a series of fun packed activities and career development tools/avenues such as careers clubs, fundraisers, educational trips and interactive career sessions, volunteer and job shadowing programs, training and workshops as well.

Orientation of participants is mandatory, and certificates will be awarded to all successful participants as well.

Enquiry Agency believes career development and volunteer/travel experiences are for everyone. When youths go beyond the classroom it brings education to life, unlocks new potential, and opens a world of possibilities. That’s why we prioritize safety, value,and the kind of career services and volunteer activities that prepare students for the future and their futures.

Register to participate in any of our well structured gap year programs!

Educational Trips And Interactive Sessions:

A series of fun and educational trips in Accra, Northern and Eastern region!

Accommodation, food and drinks are all inclusive in trip costs.

Yellow Team (Day 1 and 2):

: A 2 day educational trip within Accra, as we discover the various museums, galleries, castles, fun sites within the capital city and interactive and careers guidance sessions with resourced persons within career fields of art.

The second day will include a walking tour of the culture and history-immersed city of Jamestown, and a visit to the zoo!

International Participants:

  1. • 700usd - accommodation/meals/tour

  2. • 1000cedis - Ghanaian Participants (accommodation/tour meals/tour)

  3. • 500cedis - without accommodation

Purple Team (Day 3):

A trip to the Eastern region of Ghana, as we discover nature's best secret. A beautiful Eco park, packed with exciting activities to engage in such as horse riding, zip line, and canopy walks..

We learn about the history of the Eco Park, and the unique species and shrubs which can only be found there!

We also enjoy lunch of Fufu at a local Ghanaian bar!

A walking and intellectual tour, of the beautiful village of Kyebi.

Discover organisations, nonprofits, and companies ....

  1. • International participant -200usd (meals and trip)

  2. • Ghanaian Participant - 500cedis (meals and trip)

Orange Team(Day 4-5):

Day 4: It's day 4 already? Lol

Day 4 is for the beach, swimming, games, and local food! Yes.

After the fun, we lodge and prepare for our next trip!

  1. • International Participant: 600usd (accommodation/meals/trip)

  2. • Ghanaian participants: 1000cedis (accommodation/meals/trip)

  3. • Ghanaian participant: 500 cedis (without accommodation)

Day 5: Your guess is as good as mine!

We visit the Kakum National Park, and learn about the International Stingless Bee Center too!

  1. • International Participant : 400usd (meals/trip)

  2. • Ghanaian Participant : 500cedis

  3. • (Meals/Trip)

Volunteer Programs to participate in are as follows:

Volunteer Africa :

Travel and explore Liberia , on a 4-day trip with Enquiry Agency, as we volunteer to teach middle school kids.

Discover opportunities within Liberia, as we engage in healthy dialogues, embrace the beauty of Africa and arise to its needs. (Applicable to Ghanaians only)

  1. • Volunteer Program Fee: 800usd Flight/Accommodation/Meals

Career Clubs/Volunteering:

- Participants are to volunteer to start up career clubs in less privileged and middle income schools. Volunteers are responsible for the administration of the club, per the laid out procedure indicated in the Enquiry Agency Club Manual, within a period of one/two months. Career clubs within career fields of interest of volunteer are encouraged, to enable volunteer interact and network with professionals relevant to his/her career and self development.

Volunteer Placement Fee:

  1. • 500usd 1000usd / 3weeks -3 months (accommodation/meals)

  2. • Ghanaian Applicant : 600cedis


Participants are to volunteer to raise funds for on-going Enquiry Agency projects, in fun, and unique ways.

Targets will be assigned to groups of two or more volunteers, to foster team building,and to improve social and networking skills. Fundraiser projects will hold for a month, two or three, to enable volunteers achieve the desired target/goal. Volunteers will pick up event management skills, leadership, and networking skills on this program.

International Applicant

  1. • 600usd-1000usd

  2. • 3weeks-3months

  3. • Ghanaian Applicant: 600cedis

Training Programs/Workshops

In our relentless efforts to equip youths with hard and soft skills relevant to their immediate environment, our well curated and structured workshops and training programs are a requisite to youths across the nation and continent !

Registration is open to International applicants, expats, and youths from other African countries too!

Training Programs And Workshops to participate in are as follows:

  1. • Sales And Marketing

  2. • Business development

  3. • Social media management

  4. • Event Management

Training programs will be within a 2-6 week period with certificates awarded to participants.

1)Sales And Marketing

A 2-3 weeks sales and marketing workshop for gap year students/high school graduates.Certificates are awarded.

2)Business Development workshop:

A 2-3 weeks workshop and innovation hub for business minded youths!

Participants will undergo enterprise training to enable them start up businesses of their own and write business proposals as well.

Certificates are awarded upon successful completion.

Participants will be able to successfully register their businesses after this workshop.

  1. • Registration Fee - 1000cedis

Social Media Management:

Participants will learn how to create business pages on major social media platforms,and how to run online ads as well,within a period of one -week! Certificates are awarded upon successful completion.

You will need a laptop or smart phone to participate.

  1. • Registration Fee : 800 cedis

Event Management:

A 2 week workshop, to equip youths with event management skills. Participants will be tasked to hold an event at the end of this workshop.

Certificates will be awarded too.

Training programs and workshops to participate in are as follows:

Sales and marketing, business development, social media management and website development.

Training programs will be within a 2-3 weeks period with certificates awarded to participants.