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Young Entrepreneurs Meet

(YEM 2021)

Enquiry Agency is aware of how difficult and complicated it may be for entrepreneurs across the nation with regards to business registration processes and tax systems in Ghana.

We are glad we were able to provide vital information to about 20 entrepreneurs last year, and YEM 2021 is going to be even more educative!

Guess what? At YEM 2021, we are not only engaging entrepreneurs in healthy and informative dialogues with representatives from the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Registrar General's Department Ghana, but attendees can begin ID and business registration processes on-site!

Join us at :

  • Venue: La Villa Boutique Hotel (Osu)
  • Time: 11am
  • Date: 5th June 2021(Saturday) Ticket: 100gh
  • WhatsApp/Call: 024 816 5851 for further enquiries.

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Lyrika Poetry Club Int.

Hop On The Bus !

Bookings have begun‼️

We are heading towards the Cape Coast and Elmina Castle !

This is the most exciting trip ever, as we entertain ourselves with poetry, music and oh gosh! Did I forget to say we are going to take lovely pictures and sit by the coast maybe❓ Haha

Book your seats by making full payments or half payment before 22/05/2021

  • Ticket: 100 GHSNOTE: Tickets cater for drinks, food, and trip.
  • WhatsApp/Call: 024 816 5851 for further enquiries.

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