Hobnob Accra

Hobnob Accra is a monthly networking event organised by Enquiry Agency, strictly for expats, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, freelancers, creatives, businessmen/women and professionals with the sole aim of promoting partnerships, a supportive community, and to foster growth, innovative ideas, and businesses!

At Hobnob Accra, you can book a presentation slot to publicise a project, raise funds, advertise a product/business, champion a cause, publicise a vacancy!

The second edition of Hobnob Accra was super amazing, as we had people from across Africa, and the world at large ! And indeed we were blown away by lovely music performances by the 5 time Africa Award Music Nominee, rock band : Dark Suburb!

Join us on the 25th of September at the beautiful La Villa Boutique Hotel, at 12 pm!

Hobnob Accra relies solely on donations to carry out its activities.

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Via MTN Mobile Money/ Voda Cash:
  • Mobile Money Acc: MTN
  • Acc Number : 024 8165 851
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  • Acc Number :020 6080 406
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