Enquiry Agency is excited to present E.A.S2022-Volunteer In Sierra Leone!

E.A.S. is a 3 month volunteer program in partnership with "Send Sierra Leone"- a Non-Profit organisation located in Kenema -Sierra Leone.

Volunteers will be engaged in activities/projects in areas of education, community development, women empowerment, water and sanitation!

Volunteers on this program earn a daily allowance of 20usd, however during activities within rural areas of Sierra Leone, where volunteers may stay between 2-3 weeks, volunteer allowances are at 50usd with local meals and accommodation provided. Weekends are exempted!

Volunteers are awarded certificates upon successful completion of volunteer program.

Volunteers may be involved in both administrative and hands-on tasks, such as administration of social media pages/handles, printing, laminating, etc as well as educating rural women, teaching a skill, etc. Volunteer tasks solely depend on the skill and interests of volunteer.

Volunteers are scheduled to leave for Sierra Leone, in the month of February 2022, and are scheduled to return in May 2022. The exact date for departure and return are only communicated to selected volunteers. As instructed by the government of Sierra Leone, everyone arriving in Sierra Leone is to undergo mandatory quarantine of 2-3 days whilst awaiting results of COVID-Testing.

As a result of the recent directives by the government of Sierra Leone, volunteers are to undergo mandatory quarantine in a hotel ,before beginning volunteer program. Per this directive, volunteers will be lodged in a hotel in Free Town, before further conveying of volunteers, to Kenema; with meals provided throughout the quarantine .

Selected volunteers are to make a volunteer placement fee of 1020.76usd which caters for return flight, COVID testing in Ghana and Sierra Leone, hotel accommodation and meals during 3 day mandatory quarantine in Freetown, and ferry ride from airport to lodging facility ( Hotel) and other safety requirements to be provided for volunteers.

Do not make any form of payment whatsoever, if you have not received an email from Enquiry Agency, stating clearly that you have been selected.

Only selected volunteers will be contacted.

Join us ! Volunteer! Travel Explore ! Learn! Embrace a new culture!


We will be more than excited to have you volunteer with us !

Are you ready to explore?

Then apply now!

Volunteering is a great way to improve upon one's interpersonal and communication skills, explore other cultures, increase your employability and travel responsibly. Via volunteering, you could become a social entrepreneur too !

Application process is opened for both male and female.

(1) Volunteer should hold a degree, diploma or better.

(2) Volunteer should be Ghanaian, and must hold proof of citizenship. ( Ghana ID/Voters ID/birth certificate)

(3) Volunteer should own a valid Ghanaian passport, or should own a passport by the time of departure.

(4) A yellow card is required .( Vaccination against yellow fever)

(5) Volunteer should be skill oriented . (What can you do?)

(6) Volunteer should be within the ages (20-35)

(7) Volunteer should demonstrate a strong passion for volunteering, and willing to adjust to challenging situations.


Volunteer assignments vary , and upon arrival and orientation in Sierra Leone, there will be many other options, however, volunteer assignments can be mainly categorized into 2 groups.

(1) Specialist volunteers: volunteers may be involved in tasks/activities that may require special or professional skills., which may involve a bachelor's degree or professional experience. This mainly involves administrative tasks,/tasks within the office etc.

(2) Community volunteers: Volunteers may engage in rural community activities, which involves a strong community presence; educating rural women, and teaching a skill, per your skill-set. Volunteers may stay between 2-3 weeks in rural communities .


(1) Email a one-page personal statement to Enquiry Agency at info@enquiryagency.net.

Subject of email: Personal Statement-EAS2022.

Do not make any additions/deductions to subject, or use your own subject ,as your personal statement will be disregarded if you do so.

Your personal statement should include your full name, age, details of educational background, skill-set, contact details, address, and at least 3 reasons why you would love to volunteer on this program.

NB: A personal statement is not a C.V / resume.

(2) If you qualify, you will receive an email from Enquiry Agency stating clearly that you have been selected, for EAS2022-Volunteer In Sierra Leone. Selected volunteers are to make payment of EAS2022- Volunteer In Sierra Leone form at 20usd . Account details will be shared via email, to volunteer.

You will be scheduled for a meeting with Project manager, at our workspace; the la Villa Boutique Hotel, after payment of forms. At the meeting you will be required to fill out forms , and have further questions about EAS2022 answered. Orientation dates will be communicated by project manager at meeting as well. EAS2022 forms are at 20usd.

(3) )Volunteer Placement fee of 1020.76usd is to be made 3 days ahead of orientation date. Orientation is mandatory, and absenting from orientation, will automatically eliminate volunteer from the program.

Volunteer placement fee does not cover for travel insurance and medical bills.

As clearly stated, volunteer placement fee caters for return flight, 3 day hotel accommodation with meals during quarantine, COVID Testing in Ghana and Sierra Leone, and other security requirements and checks associated with EAS-Volunteer In Sierra Leone.

Please do not make any payment, if have not received an email from Enquiry Agency, stating clearly that you qualify, and have been selected.


A volunteer placement fee is an upfront cost volunteers pay to organizations, to cover volunteer program costs. The reality of volunteering is that while you might think that " you may be working for free ", sometimes, there are costs that are associated with being a volunteer, especially on this program, such as airfare, quarantine and meals, COVID testing as well as orientation and administrative costs.

Some of these fees may be subsidized, where as others aren't. Volunteer placement fees enable us to cover also for unforeseen circumstances that may/could arise during volunteer program.

Please take note that; you volunteer at your will, and volunteer placement fee does not cater for travel insurance or medical bills .

You will still need to have travel and spending money on you, however, volunteers on this program receive a daily allowance of 20usd, and a 50usd allowance when engaged in community tasks/activities which may involve 2-3 weeks . Accommodation and meals are provided throughout volunteer program.

Volunteer placement fee associated with E.A.S.2022 is at 1020.76usd which caters for airfare, COVIDTesting in Ghana and Sierra Leone , quarantine and meals, and pick-up from airport to lodging facility (Hotel) . Volunteers will be later conveyed from hotel to Kenema by the Send-Sierra Leone team.

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